Common Roof Problems


Locating a leak

The first challenge is to locate the source of the leak unless you have had considerable experience in the roofing industry, a leak may be difficult to locate, and the causes fully understood. In an effort to save your investment we have compiled a list of the 9 most common Causes of Roof Leaks and how they happen.

1   Blocked Gutters, Valleys and Down Pipes.
Blocked gutters and downpipes can result in water that stands for hours, or longer, blocking the flow of water from the roof.  This can leak into ceiling cavities the results can be serious: and you could end up with structural damage.  Build-up of leaf matter, debris in valleys can cause backflow into the roof cavity
Causes: Leaf and tree debris, toys, moss and lichen, sagging and cracked joins in the gutters preventing the flow of water, poorly installed.

2   Broken or misaligned Tiles/Caps
Whether it be a broken water channel or broken tiles this will affect the distribution of water and allowing it to enter your roof space and wet your ceilings.
Causes: Walking on roof carelessly, falling debris, having work done on roof (Electronical, Foxtel, Solar Panel installation). Unprofessional installation, wrong tiles type used for replacements, rotten or sagging battens.

3   Rust
Rusted gutters, valleys, Iron sheets including Colorbond, flashings and even tek screws. Can cause cracks and holes to form allowing water to leak through.
Causes: Age, sitting water and untreated metal.

4   Broken, cracked and missing Pointing
Your old pointing may have deteriorated and started crumbling leaving the joins on the ridge caps exposed.
Causes: Age, poor quality material.

5   Fretted Tiles
Clay tiles are eaten away from underneath and can be hard to spot.
Causes: Proximity to the coast, age, salt, chlorinated or hardened water on the roof.

6   Weep Holes
A small drainage hole installed in the pointing is sometimes blocked.  Water builds up under the capping and will drip after long periods of rain.
Causes: Getting pointed over, silicon, lichen, moss.

7   Vents, Chimneys, skylights, Dutch gables and other roof protrusions.
Seals may deteriorate over time resulting in water seepage into roof cavity, look for cracked rubber around the plumbing pips.
Cause: Poor installation, age, rust, leaf litter/debris, cracked lead flashing or seal, exposure to the weather and harsh Australian UV rays.

8   Flashings
Flashing are thin pieces of metal that are installed under tiles and on the joints of your roof in order to create a water-resistant barrier.  A hairline crack above the flashing can allow vast amounts of water to run behind the flashings.
Causes: Wear and tear can cause flashings to split, rust or flashing pulled away from walls.

9   Skillions
Roofs tiles which are very dependent on their water courses do not like skillion pitched roofs.
Cause: Lack of pitch of force water off the roof and/or holes and tears in waterproof sarking.

How To Fix It?:
Roof problems are one of those things that needs to be done by a professional Whether your home is big or small, the last thing anyone wants is a roof leak. we do not recommend attempting it on your own.

One small drip could symbolize a larger roofing issue – and we all know that roofing
issues mean an investment of time and money.
However, a professional roof restoration company will fix the problem and guarantee the workmanship for 12 months that’s a full 4 seasons of weather!

Call Platinum Roof Coating on 08 9303 9959 and arrange a professional to come out to your property.


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