Roof Restoration Perth – Reviews

Reviews for roof restoration companies in Perth may help in choosing the right company.

Roof restoration is costly and trying to choose the best company to do the job can be very daunting as most people are aware that there are some unscrupulous operators out there that may not complete the work properly.

A good place to start is by making sure it is a registered Roof Restoration Business. The business should display their Painters Registration Number and their ABN number on their website, you would normally find this on the About Us page or the Contact page of the website.

Next look at the backing that the business has to be able to honour their warranty.

So let’s look at warranties and what they mean. The warranties for roof restoration and coating here in Perth varies immensely with some companies offering a 10 – year warranty and others a 20 – year warranty. 
So what’s the reason for the huge difference? Some companies may have a warranty that only covers a small amount of full warranty.
Like it may be say a 20 – year warranty but only say 3 – years full warranty and then 17 – years of a pro rata warranty. This means after three years you will have to pay an elected portion of any warranty claims this is probably not what you want.

Is the company going to be able to back their warranty?  This is what the WA Government Building Commission has to say about it.

“Before you sign anything, read and make sure you understand all the small print including anything

printed on the back of a work agreement or order form.

Look very closely at long-term “guarantees”. These may sound appealing but ask yourself how much

they would be worth if the trader should sell or go out of business.  Check exactly what the small print in the guarantee actually covers – sometimes it can be almost worthless after a short period.”

So how do you protect yourself from this?
Some professional operators use a superior product being Dulux. Now Dulux is the is the largest and most trusted paint brand in the country and if you are a Dulux Accredited Applicator as Platinum Roof Coating are then Dulux has the confidence in them to guarantee Platinum Roof Coating’s full warranty.

So no matter what happens you are covered and knowing that Dulux has that sort of confidence in this company you know you are dealing with true professionals.

I hope this review has helped.

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